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The Artist

Adam Wojtanek is an avant-garde artist also known by a 1960s stage name The Polish Hippy. His song Thinking of New Zealand was awarded the Akademia Best Folk Song Award in January 2016. Read an interview for a music magazine here.

Stoned Music

Stoned Music is often eclectic, psychoactive and asymmetrical music played from the heart or by instinct and created through inspiration. It originates in African music and was brought to other continents by Africans. It has had an enormous influence on American and British music. Music played from the heart follows a natural flow of rhythm from the perspective of nature instead of a rigid mathematical model created by European academic logic.

Amsterdam CD's

Many works on Amsterdam CDs were inspired by Amsterdam's Old Center, its quaint bohemian atmosphere, picturesque canals, crooked rickety-shack houses, mellow coffeeshops, narrow streets and alleyways, houseboats, yahts, historic Red-light district, bicycle culture and lots more.

Instruments used: acoustic and electric guitars, bongos, tambourines, drums, Tibetan Buddhist Damara drums, Tibetan Tingsha cymbals and bronze Vajra bells, Hindu temple bronze hand cymbals and bells, church hand bells, Shaman drums, African Medicine Man rattles, acoustic Hindu harmonium, and other instruments.

Other CD's

Composed, performed and recorded on Usedom Island

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